"Get hold of this record. It will haunt and hold you."
-Americana UK ( International, - 10.1.2017)

"His brand of genre-saving country possesses an authenticity that's earned him the loyalty of fans plus the comparisons to a range of gifted wordsmiths that run  the range from Jason Isbell to Charles Bukowski."
-Tampa Bay Times (Tampa, FL - 2.18.2016)

"This record from Matt Woods is a brilliant display in songwriting from start to finish. There are no weak spots on Brushy Mountain as Woods allows listeners into his downtrodden world."

-Atlanta Examiner (Atlanta, GA - 6.29.2014)

"Like Jason Isbell, another son of the South who bears a tenacious tone, Woods is in the vanguard of a country music’s feisty new generation. And in With Love From Brushy Mountain, he’s helping set the standard."

-No Depression  (International - 6.16.2014)

"As far as introductions go, With Love From Brushy Mountain walked right in and punched me in my face...[it's] in the driver’s seat to receive The Broken Jukebox album of the year distinction."

-TheBrokenJukebox.com (US/International - 6.2.2014)

"A Matt Woods show is show isn't merely a whiskey-fueled half hour set of songs, it's in-your-face theater--sometimes verging on a public exorcism--that draws the audience in like a constricting (or comforting) hug. He is the one breaking down the barrier between artist and audience; stepping in front of the microphone to shout (and sometimes whisper) his lyrics to the audience. He dismantles his ego piece by piece, until finally, at the end, the very symbol of a stage or a man standing on it 
is obliterated and he is on eye and street level again."

-Wild American Radio (Sacramento, CA - 5.25.2014)

"Listen to his songs on With Love From Brushy Mountain . It all seems so natural to flow from his pen, as if those lyrics and melodies were always ready to be."

-AltCountry.com (Netherlands/International - 5.21.2014)

"It was truly Matt Woods at his best. His burly, emotional vocal stylings and impressive acoustic guitar work combined with Fulford’s tasteful and booming rhythms for a unforgettably powerful performance."

-That Much Further West Podcast (Portland, OR - 5.20.2014) **SHOW REVIEW**

"Brushy Mountain is as complete of a country album as you will find, with excellent songwriting throughout, a great sound that is country at heart, but with sprouts of rock & roll that endow the project with spice and originality...Matt Woods is no fluke, no one trick pony. Not even close. He’s a force of songwriting nature who can match his stories with inspired performances."
-SavingCountryMusic.com (US/International - 5.17.2014)

"With Love From Brushy Mountain is as good as it gets in the independent circuit--and as close to mandatory for underground fans as the hype suggests."

-Wild American Radio (Sacramento, CA - 5.16.2014)

"No matter how loud the bar is when Matt plays "Deadman's Blues," he grabs everyone's rapt attention."

-Creative Loafing (Tampa - 5.16.2014)

"What Matt Woods has made is not only brilliant, it is heartfelt, honest, gritty and beautiful. To put it plainly…This is one hell of 
a great album."

-Empty Bottles and Broken Souls (Texas - 5.14.2014)

"Matt Woods has released his strongest album to date with With Love from Brushy Mountain...This is country music filtered through rock, folk, punk, red-dirt and bar room soul and it doesn't sound like anybody else."

-FarceTheMusic.com (US/International - 5.13.2014)

"Debauchery, self-reproach, defiance, and celebration -- that's the stuff I love in this kind of music and Matt has them all in spades on this album. This is truly one of the best of 2014."

-Adobe and Teardrops (NYC - 5.13.2014)

"With Love From Brushy Mountain is, without a doubt, Essential Listening for anyone nostalgic for a time when country music was authentic and the songwriting within it was still regarded as the craft that it is… for anyone who misses the likes of Jennings and Kristofferson… and for anyone who wants to say they lived to see the day it made its comeback."
-NineBullets.net (US/International - 5.13.2014)

"With Love From Brushy Mountain is the kind of album an artist can build a career on and deserves all the accolades it will receive and more...It is an amazing country album and I highly recommend everyone gets it."

-PsychoRamblinCountry.com (US/International - 5.7.14)

“Perfectly balanced moments of tone and texture that build to make a sum much greater than than the album’s parts…If there’s a finer example of a musician bleeding on to record, we’ve yet to hear it.”

-SkinBackAlley.com (UK/International - 5.6.2014) FIVE STAR REVIEW

"The album is an emotional mountain range. The highs are steep and lofty summits, and the valleys are self disparaging contempt...Well done, Matt Woods."

-AmericanaRockMix.com (US/International - 5.6.2014)

"Every track on Matt Woods' disc is pretty much a perfect country song."

-Country Music People Magazine (United Kingdom - 5.1.2014) FIVE STAR REVIEW

"With Love from Brushy Mountain is like listening to a Charles Bukowski poem with a little twang and dirty cowboy boots. It’s that perfect. Get it while the hype machine is at a hum, cause once it gets to a roar we’ll all be deaf."
-MoonRunners/Black Country Rock (US/International - 4.16.2014)

"Touring and writing songs isn’t a way to make a living as much as it is Matt Woods’ lifeblood.  It's as if he was born with a guitar in his hand and wrote a song about it before his Mother left the hospital...That being said, [With Love From Brushy Mountain] is a perfect second full length album that I believe will catapult Matt Woods to a whole new capacity of new fans--something that is well-deserved for an incredibly talented singer/songwriter and performer."

-Sad Songs Keep The Devil Away/No Depression (international - 4.16.2014)

"He sounded the way the country feels—and by “country” I don’t mean rural areas, but our entire war-torn forlorn post-recession nation. America hurts, and Matt Woods howls for her."
-The Bradenton Times (Bradenton, FL - 1.14.2014)  **SHOW REVIEW**

"An unbelievably touching and sorrowful song. This song is truly fantastic."
-Outlaw Radio Chicago (Chicago, IL - 1.8.2014) **On "Deadman's Blues" **Best of 2013

"Matt is gonna be the savior of “real” country music and I expect this year to be HUGE."

-Smoke On The Killing Floor (international - 1.7.2014) **On "Deadman's Blues" Song of the Year 

"[Deadman's Blues] is the best Americana song of the year!"
-Randy Wind (88.5 WMNF Tampa - 12.11.2013)

"There are so many artists, so many songs and albums out there today, for any individual artist to stand out, they darn near have to stand on their head and turn somersaults to get our attention. It’s sad but true, but that’s what Matt Woods does with 'Deadman’s Blues.'"
-SavingCountryMusic.com (international - 12.5.2013) **Song of the Year 2013

"['Deadman's Blues' is] another great piece of direct no nonsense writing with a killer heart-on-sleeve delivery"
-Beat-Surrender.com (international/UK - 12.5.2013)

"Guitar-strumming, day-drinking pinball wizard."
-Charleston City Paper (Charleston, SC - 12.4.2013)

"'Deadman's Blues' is an absolute masterpiece that knocks you back when you hear it.  We need more songs like this.  This is what country music is supposed to do.  It makes you feel something.  Some of today's big stars should really look into covering this to add some serious country cred to their pitiful resumes."
-Keeping It Country, Kids (international -12.3.2013)

"'Deadman's Blues' is the sound of an open wound, of the emotional variety. It's almost painful to hear, in the best of ways [and] only whets my appetite for the full album to come."
-Farce The Music (international - 11.15.14) **Song of the Year 2013

"[Matt Woods} s
tarted singing with more power and more emotion than, get ready for this, more emotion and stength than anyone I remember seeing maybe ever. I was floored...I LOVE THIS SONG." 
-Riki Rachtman (Headbangers Ball, NASCAR RADIO, Fork In The Road - 11.14.13) **On "Deadman's Blues"

"Matt Woods [has been] putting out great self-penned, independent country and roots albums that draw a line in the proverbial sand. Every song just suggests 'See, this is what country music is.'"
-TwangNation.com (international - 11.13.2013)

"[Matt Woods] continues to be one of the best writers who has not reached national name-recognition, but should."

-CountryFriedRock.org (international  - 11.7.2013)

"Two guns up."
-SavingCountryMusic.com (international - 10.25.2013) **Song/Video Review for "Deadman's Blues"

"Matt Woods's brand of country rocks a little harder. It's that fast-paced, high-energy, edgy, southern-rock kind of country that would make any generation of Hank Williamses proud."
-Knoxville Music Warehouse (Knoxville, TN - 6.18. 2013)

"Woods is a powerhouse vocalist, belting each of the songs out with conviction and a forceful ease that often leaves the audience breathless and sometimes — as in the case of set closer "Dead Man Blues" — takes them to brink of total catharsis — or beyond. There are elements of country giants such as Waylon Jennings in Woods' voice and maybe even a fleck of something that will call to mind Counting Crows' front man Adam Duritz (though Woods has better manners, a better voice, and better hair)."
-F5 Paper (Wichita, KS - 6.6.2013)

And some kind words about The Matt Woods Manifesto:

"Matt Woods sings powerful songs, with a voice and a delivery as big as a Great Plains sky."
-Firstpost.com (India - 3.7.2013)

"[Matt Woods] is a seasoned performer with a penchant for storytelling that's on par with the moodiest of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, while employing an enthusiastic guitar style and a threadbare voice that howls with honesty. Spinning tales of the rusted American Dream, the hauntings of bad decisions, and the ever-elusive promise of a better tomorrow, Woods' sound is one of gutsy, straight-forward, solid country music."
-Rock N Roll Feedback (Charleston, SC - 2.18.2013) *SHOW REVIEW*

"Matt Woods is no stranger to trouble. As a purveyor of good ole outlaw country, he’s penned more than his fair share of tunes about murderers, boozers, and no-good ramblin’ men...His latest release, The Matt Woods Manifesto, is a rowdy, rollicking clash of country rock and rockin’ country."
-Charleston City Paper (Charleston, SC - 2.14.2013)

"I picked up a copy of Woods’ latest album, Manifesto. Being a huge fan of independent and alternate country, I fell in love at first listen. If you like solid songwriting and authentic country influence, I think you will, too."
-The Vinyl District (international - 12.3.2012)

"Stepping on stage armed with an acoustic guitar and his voice he delivered the strongest performance of the night. He writes songs about small town life, bad decisions and death that are personal and full of emotion. This all bled through into his performance which was raw and powerful."
-Atlanta Examiner (Atlanta, GA - 8.10.12) *SHOW REVIEW*

"[Matt Woods'] songs use southern imagery as he spins dark tales about life, death and bad decisions. With powerful lyrics his songs are not only a good listen but they touch people emotionally."
-Atlanta Examiner (Atlanta, GA - 8.7.12) 

"I’d like to imagine it’s because he is several towns removed  from the polished studios of Nashville, but there is an honest, road-weary energy in his work...Johnny Ray Dupree could give Cash a run for his money as far as execution songs go."

-1146miles.com (Washington, DC - 6.13.12)

"The clear-throated country troubadour is the kind of artist who can fill a room with just an acoustic guitar and his huge heart. It's that particular kind of soul that mystically commands good ol' boys to wrap their arms around  each other's necks."
-Orlando Weekly (Orlando, FL - 5.23.12)

"A native of Knoxville Tennessee, Woods’ knack for conveying heartfelt homage to traveling troubadours, hard luck heroes and the blue collar everyman gives him a reliable stock and trade. Evidence lies in “A Company Town” and “Johnny Ray Dupree,” both taken from his excellent album The Matt Woods Manifesto."
-No Depression (national - 3.24.12)

"Matt Woods Manifesto holds a coveted place at the top of my CD pile.  This album was my introduction to Matt Woods, but it seems to me that the title is apt. No lyric is wasted, no note is misplaced. The crowning achievement of the album, to me, is 'Johnny Ray Dupree.'"
-Adobe and Teardrops (NYC - 2.25.12)

"Hailing from the epicenter of country music, Matt Woods exhibits a passion in his work that can only come from years of honing his craft....resulting in an unparalleled passion and authenticity that has connected him with fans across the United States."
-The Daily Athenaeum (Morgantown, WV - 1.12.12)

"[Matt Woods] brings a potent cocktail of intensity and rhythm along with intelligent (without the loss of any redneck charm) lyrics."
-Stuck Inside Of Knoxville (Knoxville, TN - 1.6.12)

"A better album than Steve Earle's." 10 BEST OF 2011 LIST
-NineBullets.net (national - 12.28.11)

"Another example of a Knoxville singer-songwriter who so richly deserves wider recognition. “Manifesto” is a country-rock jewel that takes everything that sounds halfway palatable by the Zac Brown Band and similar ilk and supercharges it."
-Maryville Daily Times  (Maryville, TN - 12.22.11)

"Matt Woods is one of the most talented singer/ songwriters I’ve had the pleasure to meet."
-RadioBillyFM.com (San Antonio, TX - 11.7.11)

"The album is an absolute breakthrough for Matt and it is a testament to the singer/songwriter’s version of the American dream. Work hard, regardless of the obstacles in the way, and success can be achieved. And The Matt Woods Manifesto is a success from beginning to end. Congratulations Matt, for producing such a fantastic album!"
-KnoxMusicToday.com (Knoxville, TN - 10.20.11)

"[Matt Woods'] inspired lyrics are honest and sincere, his music is rocking, and his catchy tunes evoke all kinds of emotions."
-Scene Magazine (Fort Collins, CO - 10.3.11)

"All in all, Matt Woods crams great lyrics, varying musical inspirations and amazing musicians into [The Matt Woods Manifesto]...It’s hard to believe that Matt hasn’t made it bigger in the music biz."
-Buzzbin Magazine (Canton, OH - 7.1.2011)

"'The Matt Woods Manifesto' is a magnificent album with honest, deeply personal lyrics, understated gems and catchy underlying songs...Music that is bursting at the seams with intensity."
-Alt Country Forum (Netherlands - 6.28.2011)

"If all party political manifesto’s were written in the direct style of Matt Woods there’s more than a fair chance we’d trust them rather than dismiss the dross within – in the knowledge they rarely deliver on their promises, unlike the erstwhile Mr Woods who’s straight-up no nonsense “country” album is delivered in an honest-to-goodness manner that’s impossible not to admire and trust in...From the rollicking opener Days of Walking you know you’re on to a winner and the album doesn’t disappoint."
-Beat-Surrender.com (United Kingdom - 6.21.2011)

"Knoxville based songwriter Matt Woods is back with The Matt Woods Manifesto, and from the opening chord you understand that Matt Woods knows what a country song should sound like. The musicianship on this record is solid and Matt's voice is clean and raw at the same time...The Matt Woods Manifesto is one of the best new records I've heard this year."
-AmericanaRoots.com (national - 6.19.2011)

"The album, to sound cliche’, is a lot like Matt himself. It’s solid, honest, at times underspoken while overjoyed at other and always more than willing to work for your attention...pick up [The Matt Woods Manifesto] and check him out next time he comes to your town cause there might be a time in a few years when it won’t be so easy."
-NineBullets.net (national - 6.15.2011)

"Passionate, no-nonsense, hard-rocking country goodness....Woods has gathered together a lightning hot band that give these songs some raw adrenaline and propulsion, and the whole record a sense of purpose. Anyone who has ever enjoyed Steve Earle, Drive By Truckers, Bob Collum or Springsteen has much to enjoy here."
-Americana-UK.com (United Kingdom - 6.13.2011)

"Matt Woods is a pretty damn good country/americana singer-songwriter from Knoxville, Tennessee. His new album is called The Matt Woods Manifesto and it’s impressive stuff from first chord to last word."
-OneChord.net (Finland - 6.11.2011)

"[Matt Woods] and the band follow the righteous path of Steve Earle, The Drive-by Truckers and Scott Miller with his heartfelt lyrics and the band’s punishing rock. If this manifesto is a proclamation of things to come I hope he and the band stick to the plan. Great stuff!" 
-Twangville.com (national - 6.6.2011)

"[The Matt Woods Manifesto's] dozen songs effectively sum up his strengths – a gritty, relentless energy that reflects some blue collar leanings, a determination and drive manifest in his resolute melodies, a rugged alt-country regimen that incorporates fiddles, double time rhythms and Woods’ edgy, authoritarian vocals...Manifesto is Wood’s masterpiece and a strong indication that this talented singer/songwriter has the smarts and savvy to achieve all his ambitions and even more."
-No Depression (national - 5.18.2011)

"The Matt Woods Manifesto is pumping into my ears as I write...kind of country, kind of fast, clean. I'm eating a freshly cut slice of vodka soaked watermelon and many very attractive, modernly sexy, still so Southern women are dancing. Sometimes we're in a field, then we stroll into the shade of the woods. The air smells like cut grass...Now the ladies are handing me beers in thick brown bottles, everyone is laughing and having fun. The air is sepia-tone. I feel like doing a little dance by the freshly made fire. In truth, I feel like drinking whiskey and dancing with one of these imaginary ladies in my head. Let's face it Matt, you make me want to get drunk!"
-Birmingham Free Press (Birmingham, AL - 5.13.2011)

"The Matt Woods Manifesto is made up of twelve of some of Woods’ finest songs to date. [His] passionate, backwoods voice sets the stage for his rough country album...The sheer intimacy and dedication Woods puts into his music is clear throughout the album...one album you do not want to pass up."
-Blank Newspaper (Knoxville, TN - 5.11.2011)

"So what's a road-dog to do when he's ready to do an album?.... Do what you know and do it well...recruit your good friends and the region's best pickers to record one hell of a record......The Matt Woods Manifesto is just that.....a declaration of fine songwriting, solid production (courtesy of Woods and bassist Grant Houser) and great musicianship....This road-dog WILL hunt!!"
-The Songwriters Lounge (Nashville, TN - 5.5.2011)

"It’s a brawler of a record, akin to that good-natured drunk in every Southern roadhouse who’s boisterous and bawdy but quick to smash a bottle over an opponent’s head if provoked. From the foot-stomping good-time vibe of “Friday Night” to the lift-your-glass-and-sing-along weeper “Ghosts of the Gospel,” Woods cuts a striking figure as a songwriter and a storyteller. With any luck, “Manifesto” will mark him as one of the region’s most talented, a distinction he already holds in the eyes of his peers."
-The Daily Times (Maryville, TN - 4.20.2011)

"Woods take cues from Steve Earle, the Drive-By Truckers, and local songwriters like Cruz Contreras, Jeff Barbra, and Scott Miller who pull various strands of folk and country into a pan-Appalachian mix of country and rock."
-Metro Pulse (Knoxville, TN - 4.20.2011)

"Every once in a while, you get an album that from the first note you can tell it is going to be very hard to turn off. The Matt Woods Manifesto is one of these albums...It is an old school southern country album in the vein of Merle, George or Hank. The Matt Woods Manifesto is a good listen and well worth giving it a spin. Listening to this album, you can almost smell the smoke and stale PBR from a dirty little honky tonk where his tunes blare from the juke box."
-Atlanta Examiner (Atlanta, GA - 4.18.2011)

Here's a bit more about what folks think of Matt and the music!

"It’s only a matter of time before singer-songwriter Matt Woods finds wider recognition."
-Performing Songwriter (national)

"Matt Woods got up with his guitar and belted out a tune, "Johnny Ray Dupree", an exceptional tune one of the best of the night!"
-Atlanta Examiner (Atlanta, GA)

"(Matt Woods is) capable of clever metaphor, of penning just the right wry observation to ensure that his deeply personal lyrics engage, coming off as universal rather than as maudlin or self-absorbed."

-Metro Pulse (Knoxville, TN)

"The songs are solid, and Woods has a voice that's as sturdy as oak planking -- strong and true and never faulty."
-Maryville Daily Times (Maryville, TN)

"Matt Woods' songs are soundtracks for summer possibilities, regret and longing."
-Flagpole (Athens, GA)